indicate the direction of the other aircraft
 Main Features - Input Output - Power - Size And Weight 12 bright 2-color LEDs indicate the direction of other aircraft • Vertical position is displayed with 5 LEDs • Very loud audio warning • Near mode • Setup-able baudrates • Double-seater configuration • Compatible with all FLARMs and POWERFlarms • The small size is easily installable in the tightest of panels • Supports all flarm warnings by flarm 6.0 spec • Undirected warnings Main Features extremely bright bicolor LEDs pushbutton, to adjust beep volume nearmode function PCAS warnings - undirected adjustable baudrate slave mode Progress indication (during flight transfer, firmware updates, obstacle updartes...) Input and output Serial RS232 input/output pushbutton 12 bicolor LEDs for direction 5 LEDs for vertical angle 3 LEDs for GPS, Rx and Tx indication Power supply Power input 9-16V DC Consumption ~10mA at 12V Size and weight 42mm x 25mm x 5mm Weight: ~10g
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