High performance digital variometer with inertial platform.
This vario can work only in combination with LX90xx, LX80xx  Main Features - Input Output - Power Supply - Size And Weight - Related videos - Images
Standard ø80mm variometer with extremely powerful processor • Using MEMS inertial platform and pressure sensors • built in AHRS • 3.5” high brightness screen (320x240 pixels) sunshine readable • Modular with LX9000, LX9070, LX8000, LX8080 • Dual pressure Technology
Main Features ARM Cortex-M4 processor running on 160MHz 3.5'' QVGA sunlight readable screen with 1200nits QVGA (320*240pixels) sunlight readable display Digital temperature compensated pressure sensors for altitude and airspeed Inertial platform 3 axis digital +-6g accelerometer, 4 gyroscopes (for inertial vario, AHRS and wind calculation) Dual pressure Technology Smooth audio output Audio equalizer Integrated synthesized speech output Audible thermal assistant AHRS optional External SD card for configuration,flarmnet and firmware update 3 push buttons for setting adjustments ALS (ambient light sensor) 6 digital inputs - SC, VP + 4 custom defined Input and output RS485 bus Speed command and Vario priority input Additional 4 digital inputs Audio output Speech output (voice module) Flarm warning indication Optional AHRS Power supply Power input 6-18V DC Consumption ~100mA at 12V Size and weight 81mm x 81mm x 130mm Weight: ~260g Related videos Glider Pilot Shop presentation of V80 Airborne LX9000+V80 Images
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