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Standalone flarm • builtin 50 channel GPS and GPS antenna • micro SD card • IGC flight recorder (Up To Diamonds) • extremely small dimensions • Power input 6-16 V DC • Power consumption typical 36mA • Weight 40 g • Compatible with all flarm indicators (3V and 12V) Features Internal SD card for configuration of flarm, firmware update or storing IGC flights IGC flight recorder applied for (Up To Diamonds) Preloaded obstacles (where databases are available) Expandable to all standard Flarm displays (3V and 12V) Designed for FlarmView Input and output Serial RS232 input/output 5 LED's to indicate Flarm statuses Power supply Power input 6-18V DC Consumption 36mA at 12V, without flarm indicator Size and weight 65mm x 42mm x 13mm Weight: ~40g Options
LX NAV Italia Andrea +39 338 7378292
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