Standard 57mm display, shows traffic information provided by FLARM or ADS-B devices
 Main Features - Color display - Input Output - Size And Weight - Power consumption
FlarmView57 shows traffic information provided by FLARM or ADS-B devices. It displays also climb rate, altitude and distance for selected target. It uses FLARMNET database for friendly target names. All manipulation is with rotary encoder and push button.
Main features Loud acoustic warning Color warnings A/C MODE traffic (undirected warnings) Supports latest flarm dataport specificationVer.6 Compatible with Flarm and PowerFlarm FlarmNet database + User database intuitive user interface 12V supply (may not work on old hardware designs, where only 3.3Volts are provided. For such cases we offer an adapter) Easy firmware update via SD card Downloading Flights from flarm Converting IGC flights to KML Color Display 262144 colors 2''(5cm) screen size QVGA resolution 320*240 pixels Sunlight readable Hardware Arm7 processor External MicroSd card Slot Two flarm ports (splitter not needed) Internal piezo speaker Rotary switch and push button Size and weight Standard 57mm hole 60mm*60mm*25mm Weight 97g Power consumption 0.84W - 70mA at 12V
LX NAV Italia Andrea +39 338 7378292
Marco Massimo +39 393 4318478