High performance digital variometer with inertial platform.
This vario can work only in combination with LX90xx, LX80xx
 Main Features - Input Output - Power Supply - Size And Weight standard ø57mm variometer with extremely powerful processor • Using MEMS inertial platform and pressure sensors • built in AHRS • 2.5” high brightness screen (320x240 pixels) sunshine readable • Modular with LX9000, LX9070, LX8000, LX8080 Main Features ARM Cortex-M4 processor running on 160MHz 2.5'' QVGA sunlight readable screen with 1200nits QVGA (320*240pixels) sunlight readable display Digital temperature compensated pressure sensors for altitude and airspeed inertial platform 3 axis digital +-6g accelerometer, 4 gyroscopes (for inertial vario, AHRS and wind calculation) Smooth audio output Audio equalizer integrated synthesized speech output audible thermal assistant External SD card for configuration,flarmnet and firmware update 3 push buttons for setting adjustments ALS (ambient light sensor) Input and output RS485 bus Speed command and Vario priority input additional 4 digital inputs Audio output Speech output (voice module) Flarm warning indication Optional AHRS Power Supply Power input 6-18V DC Consumption ~100mA at 12V Size and weight 61mm x 61mm x 95mm Weight: ~300g
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